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Sea Life Park in Hawaii

Sea Life Park - Dolphin Royal Swim
From: $272.24
Duration: 45 min.

This is the top dolphin activity at Sea Life Park! Enjoy extensive interaction with the dolphins, from an affectionate hand shake and a dolphin kiss to a dorsal fin ride!

Sea Life Park - Dolphin Swim Adventure
From: $209.41
Duration: 45 min.

Jump into Dolphin Cove at Sea Life Park Hawaii and get up close and personal with dolphins. The highlight is the high-speed pectoral fin drag!

Sea Life Park - Dolphin Encounter
From: $146.59
Duration: 45 min.

This dolphin experience is perfect it you would like to stay in shallow water. From a waist deep platform, watch the dolphins perform high-energy behaviors. They will also play with you!

Sea Life Park - Shark Trek
From: $78.52

Duration: 45 minutes

With just a wire mesh between you and these natural predators, you'll get a thrilling look at sharks in their natural environment.

Sea Life Park - Sea Lion Discovery
From: $78.52
Duration: 45 min.

Meet curious sea lions and discover their amazing personalities! This is a unique opportunity for some playful, educational interaction with sea lions.

Sea Life Park - Hawaiian Reef Encounter
From: $78.52
Duration: 30 min.

This is a fun ray encounter that's fun for kids. Watch curious rays as they glide through the water.

Sea Life Park - General Admission Ticket
From: $41.87
Duration: up to 6.5 hours

This general admission ticket gives you access to all of Sea Life Park Hawaii's exhibits. Explore the park and see a variety of animal shows.