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Oahu Fishing Charters - Oahu Fishing 

Inter-Island Sportfishing - Sea Hawk
From: $758.00
Duration: 4-10 hours

Experience the thrill of sportfishing in Hawaii. Come aboard the Sea Hawk and reel in a Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo or Tuna!

Inter-Island Sportfishing - Shared Fishing Trip Oahu
From: $181.00
Duration: 4-10 hours

Choose between three sportfishing boats and enjoy a shared fishing trip in the waters off Oahu's south shore.

Aikane Sportfishing
From: $621.00
Duration: 4-10 hours

The thrill of catching a Pacific Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo or Mahi Mahi can be yours when you book a deep sea fishing charter with Aikane Sportfishing.

Select any one of the Deep Fishing charters from right hand side of this window and click on the selected image to get more information related to the Oahu Fishing Charters and order online with Waikiki Tours. If you are prepared for something to do on your Hawaii Trips then one must definitely go for Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu which in turn is a popular Hawaii Activity.

One can select any one of the available choices of Oahu Activities like Oahu Fishing Tours, Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu, etc. as well as choices are also available to select any one of the available different Fishing boats in Oahu and thus enjoy the excitement of Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Tours in Oahu. Oahu Fishing Tours are accompanied with the best and well experienced captains who are experts in Oahu Fishing. Fish for Ahi (Yellow Fish Tuna), Ono (Wahoo), Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish), Marlin and Spearfish, etc. The captains utilize the best methods for catching fish on Hawaii Tours. Fishing boats in Oahu offer the services of best captains and crew that ultimately results in making your Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Tours in Oahu a great Oahu Activity. One can choose any one of the Oahu Fishing Charters that are offered by Waikiki Tours. Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Tours include Boom Sportfishing, Inter-island Sportfishing, Aikane Sportfishing, and Kuu Huapala Fishing Company. Waikiki Tours will help you out in each and every part of Oahu Fishing regardless of your earlier experience right from the finding out of best Oahu Sportfishing Charters as per your need and many more. One can freely contact Waikiki Tours for the best prices for Oahu Fishing Tours. Waikiki Tours offers the best Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours and therefore limited spaces are present on Oahu Fishing Charters. Don’t forget to reserve your extraordinary Oahu Fishing Tours in advance as Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu are booked months in advance at certain times of year. We look forward to make your Hawaii Trips an experience that you will never forget.

Deep Sea Fishing In Oahu

The excitement of Oahu Fishing, a popular Hawaii Activity is an unforgettable lifetime thrill for anyone who is on the deck of Fishing Boats in Oahu. Oahu Deep Sea Fishing is a combination of fun, adventure and excitement for your Hawaii Trips. Many Deep Sea Fishing Tours are available. Boom Boom Sportfishing tends to offer two Oahu Sportfishing Charters. Both boats provide plenty of cabin space that allows one to relax out of the sun on Oahu Fishing Charters during your Hawaii Trips. Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu is a great Hawaii Activity and one of the best in the world. Boom Boom is a 40 foot custom Rybovich design, Funai built Sportfisher whereas Boom Boom II is a 50 foot Uniflite/Chris Craft Sportfisher. Don’t forget to reserve Oahu Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu Charters. We look forward to providing you with an extraordinary thrilling and memorable fishing experience.

There are various types of Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Charters that are available for Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu like Maggie Joe, Mazel Tov, Sea Hawk, Kekahi, Kuu Huapala, and many more.

The Maggie Joe, a 53 foot custom-built Sportfisher specifically designed for Hawaii Activity and is certified for 25 passengers. The Mazel Tov, a 46 foot Hatteras is certified for 6 passengers. The Sea Hawk is a 41 foot Tollycraft. These Oahu Sportfishing Charters like Maggie Joe, Mazel Tov, and Sea Hawk are run by Inter-Island Sportfishing and are well equipped with well experienced captains and crew in order to help you out in catching big fish. They depart Kewalo Basin Harbor.

The Kekahi, a state of art 40 foot Bertram Sportfisher, is one of the best Fishing Boats in Oahu. She is run by Aikane Sportfishing. These Oahu Fishing Tours depart from Hickham Airforce Base. The Kekahi is one of the best Fishing boats in Oahu. She will get you out to the big game quickly, comfortably and stylishly.

The Kuu Huapala is one of the comfortable fishing boats in Oahu; a 55 foot built-in-Hawaii for Hawaiian waters is combined with traditional Polynesian flair and stabilizers in order to provide a comfortable riding on Hawaii Trips. The Kuu Huapala departs from Kewalo Basin.

Hawaii Islands are among the best places in the world for big game fishing. On the island of Oahu, the coastal shelf drops off quickly which in turn means that pelagic big game fish like Tuna, Marlin Mahi Mahi, Ono and many more swim close to the coast for feeding. This ultimately results in making the Oahu Sportfishing Charters among the best in the world. Waianae Coast is one of the most abundant fishing grounds in the Hawaii islands due to the presence of relatively calm deep waters. Waianae Coast is known to have three fish aggregation devices and is therefore the favorite destination of very big pelagic fishes. Fishing boats in Oahu that depart from the Waianae Coast result in spending your day in the best fishing waters and not just traveling in the boat to find the best fishing waters. Don’t forget to reserve your Fishing boats in Oahu in advance as Fishing boats in Oahu are booked months in advance at certain times of year. Choose the best suitable fishing charter. We look forward to making your Hawaii Trips a memorable experience.

Oahu Fishing Charters and Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu are known to have different types of amenities and boast state of the art equipment. Everything will be provided to you on Oahu Fishing Tours for Hawaii Activities except food and drink which you have to bring. However, one must not pack bananas along with snacks and lunch as bananas are known to bring bad luck on Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Tours! Waikiki Tours recommends that one should wear sunscreens, sunglasses, a hat and don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes on Oahu Deeps Sea Fishing Tours.

Oahu Fishing Tours are Always in Season

Oahu Sportfishing Charters are great adventurous Hawaii activities year round! Don’t forget to reserve this opportunity of best sportfishing in the world. Contact Waikiki Tours today in order to reserve your spot on the best Oahu Fishing Tours. Hurry and reserve all of your Hawaii Tours and Oahu Activities for your friends and family members with Waikiki Tours to gain thrilling experiences that you will never forget. Waikiki Tours also offers Hawaii Big Island Fishing Charters.


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